Stuart Florida Swordfish Fishing

Swordfishing is one of the most interesting types of fishing we do off of Stuart Florida. We fish mostly at night, typically Swordfish are nocturnal feeders that rise to the surface to feed from depths of 350ft. We use lights or glow sticks close to the baits to attracted other bait, we also have under water LED lights mounted on the bottom of the Bill Chaser to attract more bait which attracts Swordfish. We use glow sticks attached to balloons to keep track of 4 or 5 baits which are deployed at different depths from 350 ft. to the surface. If you see a glow stick move or disappear you know your getting a bite right away. Then it's time to wind up the slack.Swordfish will typically swim to the surface... game on! Its not uncommon to have 1 to 5 bites in a night so chances good to catch your first Swordfish which is a great accomplishment for any angler from the most experienced to the novice.

stuart florida night time swordfishing

Stuart Florida Swordfishing - Swordfish Charters Stuart Florida