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Fishing Charter in Stuart Florida

Dolphin/Mahi Fishing CharterYou have come to the right place when searching for a Fishing Charter In Stuart Florida. We have a very large network of artificial and natural reefs that hold large amounts of small bait fish hence the reason we have an abundance of big game trophy fishing very close to the St.Lucie inlet. Which makes for a quick ride to good fishing.

Starting in December Sailfish begin to migrate south through our area in abundance and will typically be on and around our local reefs right into the spring but the peak months are January and February. Also throughout the winter and spring months we have a large amount of reef dwelling predators Sharks, Amber Jacks, Wahoo, Cobia, Kingfish, Grouper, Snapper, Bonito, Permit, Snook. We also have Dolphin/Mahi Mahi year round through out the area but the peak months for large Dolphin/Mahi Mahi are March and April.

What to expect on a full day trip aboard the Bill Chaser with Capt. Don:

We leave from Pirates Cove Resort and Marina with a cooler full of fresh rigged bait. We have a short ride through the St. Lucie inlet and then we're on the search for fresh live bait which we'll catch on rod and reel with sabiki rigs a series of small hooks tied on a main line with a small lead weight and dropped down and jigged. And hopefully fill the livewells with fresh caught live bait. Then we're off to the deep blue waters just inside of the gulf stream. Depending on conditions and the fishing in past days will determine how we get started. Trolling can be very productive in our area off Stuart, FL. and lets us cover plenty of ground in search of ideal conditions to fish a more localized area where we may have greater success with fresh live bait. Once again depending on conditions we'll bump troll live bait through the outriggers or put up a kite and fish in a more condensed area. Towards the end of the trip we'll wind everything up and have a quick ride back to Pirates Cove Resort where Capt. Don will take pictures and clean and bag your catch. Also if interested the restaurant at Pirates Cove Resort will cook your catch it doesn't get more fresh than that!

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Stuart Florida Swordfish Fishing

Swordfishing is one of the most interesting types of fishing we do off of Stuart Florida. We fish mostly at night, typically Swordfish are nocturnal feeders that rise to the surface to feed from depths of 350ft. We use lights or glow sticks close to the baits to attracted other bait, we also have under water LED lights mounted on the bottom of the Bill Chaser to attract more bait which attracts Swordfish. We use glow sticks attached to balloons to keep track of 4 or 5 baits which are deployed at different depths from 350 ft. to the surface. If you see a glow stick move or disappear you know your getting a bite right away. Then it's time to wind up the slack.Swordfish will typically swim to the surface... game on! Its not uncommon to have 1 to 5 bites in a night so chances good to catch your first Swordfish which is a great accomplishment for any angler from the most experienced to the novice.

stuart florida night time swordfishing

Stuart Florida Swordfishing - Swordfish Charters Stuart Florida


Stuart Florida Dolphin Fishing

Stuart Florida Dolphin / Mahi Mahi Fishing

We catch Dolphin or Mahi Mahi just about year round out of Stuart Florida but the best fishing is Nov. thru June. We typically troll dead bait or small lures, it is not unlikely to catch multiple fish at the same time which makes for some exciting action! Fish usually range from 5 to 25 lbs, but its not uncommon to see fish 30+ lbs. even seeing fish to the 50+ lbs. range.


stuart florida mahi dolphin

Stuart Florida Dolphin / Mahi Mahi Fishing Charter


Stuart Florida Sailfish Fishing

Sailfishing off of Stuart Florida

Stuart Florida is known for it's amazing Sailfishing Season dubbed the Sailfish Capitol of the World. The Stuart Florida Sailfish season is Nov. thru April. Where it is not unlikely to catch up to 20+ fish in a day of fishing. Capt. Don has spent his entire carrier fishing for sailfish from Stuart Florida, Cancun Mexico, Venzuala and Costa Rica. There is several different ways to fish for sailfish near Stuart Florida, trolling dead bait to kite fishing live bait or slow trolling live bait or even casting to schools of bait with the fly rod. It's sure to please anglers of all skill levels!

Stuart Florida Sailfishing Trip

Stuart Florida Sailfishing - Sailfish Charter


Stuart Florida Cobia Fishing

Cobia fishing out of Stuart Florida inlet is an awesome experience. We typically see a migration of large Manta Rays 10-15 ft.wing span up and down the cost of Florida and Stuart, Florida is one of the best areas to get a chance to challenge your site casting abilities those awesome fish that range from 15 to 80 lbs. along Stuart Florida's beautiful coast line! Season for them is usually late winter to early summer. Feb. to June. They are a blast to catch and great table fare. We typically fish for Cobia by casting jigs and live bait with light spinning tackle or even fly rod.

Stuart Florida Cobia Fishing

Stuart Florida Cobia Fishing - Fishing Charter